I would like to share my experience with you Robby because it has been such an incredibly healing.

Something inside me told me I had to book a session with you, even though I also felt enormous resistance. I come from an environment where shamanism is not accepted because of beliefs from the church, and my family.

Yet I felt even more strongly that I needed the session. And how glad I am that I did. I felt a warmth and safety with you that you rarely encounter. This allowed me to open up completely.

During the session I could allow deep sadness and old pain, you guided me deeper than I would have dared, but that was so necessary and healing. It allowed me to really let go. I noticed in the following days that the sting was out regarding my family. I felt much calmer when I was in contact with them. I am incredibly grateful for that.

Also, this session set something in motion that still benefits me a lot. Allowing emotions, letting them in deeply. I manage that better now. I feel safe to do this, because during the session with you I felt it was safe. Thank you for giving my system this experience. I still have to think about it a lot.

Grateful that I could put my beliefs aside and go.

Pe. (Psychologist, Systemic women coach) – The Netherlands

I feel reborn after your shamanic session. You took off the heavy weight on my shoulders yesterday. My mind is fresh and new again. What a super focus I have again. What a reset!
I was completely blown away yesterday.
Now I feel so much gratitude and eternal love and energy from the universe.
I don’t wake up crying, but calm and content.

The entity (s) have disappeared. I experience so much difference in that.
Everything has come along during our journey and that was a lot, a lot.
From childhood, the failed stressful unhappy marriage of my parents, the many financial debts of my father’s business, the hereditary illness of me, my mother and my grandmother (thyroid gland), but certainly also the 2 fathers of the 3 children where we had to endure several small and big traumas, money distress and housing distress and finally my heartbreak.

Thank goodness I bumped into you!
Warm greeting,
Ma. – The Netherlands

I have had 2 sessions with Robby. The first time was the most impressive. I really wasn’t myself at that moment. Angry at everything and everyone. This also caused me to get in the way of everything and everyone, but mostly it caused me not to make any progress myself.

Although I am very down-to-earth/analytical myself, I was open to things that I cannot grasp.

Special, impressive and many more words to describe it. The result was that by the end of the session, I really had a mountain of stones less inside me and much of my anger had disappeared.

The most important outcome from this session was that I felt an opening to make steps to move forward, letting go of things from the past and choose for myself and be myself!

Big hug
Ma. (Radiologist) – The Netherlands

Your session was actually quite magical. It’s hard to explain exactly what happened, but the feelings I experienced were those of release, letting go and energetic cleansing.
With your listening attention, gentle voice and loving approach, you made me feel at ease. You explained exactly what you were doing or going to do, which I found very pleasant.
After the session, you also explained what you had seen and done. It set something in motion and I noticed lightness afterwards and that the issue I came with, was actually no longer an issue for me.

Grateful for this magical shamanic session!
Bi. (Thought Expert & Hypnosis Coach) – The Netherlands

It is going very well.
I`m still doing the shamanic exercises every day, even several times a day.
Since a few weeks, when doing the exercise to feel my greatness through my heart, I notice my heart (chakra) starts to glow all over. I can fill my whole torso with this.

Furthermore, I feel very calm, really on another layer of deep inner peace. My heart rate is low, much more often, and I stopped nail biting overnight.

I also used to have a hobby of going for a walk around the block every day, cycling around town for half an hour with music on. Somehow that was excitement, but in retrospect it was also flight behaviour. Only then could I relax.
I suddenly stopped doing that, even though I had been doing it for about 25 years.

At work, it was a bit of a search, because I don’t like having everyone close to me anymore. Other people absorbing my energy has started to bother me. I feel much more, yet different from before.
At first I had to get used to being in groups again, but now that also goes very naturally, thanks to your shamanic protection tools. I can observe much better who is sucking energy and indeed withdraw it in time.

I enjoy doing all the exercises and sit down more and more often just to feel, because it is so nice. If you have any other shamanic exercises to deepen my evolotion, I would love to hear about them. I am very curious to hear more! 🙂

Warm regards,
An. (lawyer) – The Netherlands

During the Women Wellness retreat in France, I was able to experience a particularly beautiful session with Robby. My father, whom I had to say goodbye to, six months ago, turned out energetically to still be with me. The energy I was carrying was heavy and I had various physical complaints. With Robby’s help, I was able to free myself from an oppressive feeling in a rewarding ritual way. It gave me confidence and peace that Robby could send my father to the light. Immediately after the session but also weeks afterwards, I felt like being myself again. 🙏

Thanks again and kind regards,
Te. (Entrepreneur) – The Netherlands

During the session, you brought a great grandmother to the light who was connected to my anxiety at night. After the session, I noticed that it felt calm in my bedroom, but I still suffered from anxiety for over 2 weeks. I would wake up and be overwhelmed with anxiety and my body would physically ache. I saw this as a form of processing, so I took the time to allow it all to happen, without wanting to push it away. After a few days, I noticed that step by step it became lighter and less.
So, I am happy to say that I can sleep normally again, without fears :).
In addition, I notice that I am no longer afraid ‘of someone entering my room’, so I feel a lot safer.

You also energetically cut the umbilical cord that was still there between me and my mother. My mother had a red navel right after our session, and I had pain around my navel two weeks after our session. I notice there is more distance between us now, but in a positive way. I can now just leave emotions and themes with her instead of feeling responsible for them. This is wonderful!

Anyway, thank you very much for your time and help. I am enormously relieved that my fears at night are now gone!

Cl. (Social pedagogical counselor and holistic coach) – The Netherlands

My experiences regarding Robby’s sessions are very pleasant, special and have made a great impression on me in a positive sense.
The questions Robby asks are open and to the point, which made me look at myself, but most of all feel myself again.
During the sessions, Robby guides you in a very caring way and allows everything to be as it is. His explanations beforehand are clear and he shows genuine interest in you.

The sessions made me realise that I can follow my gut feelings and that if I keep doing this from now on, it will be all OK!
Robby has given me the confidence in this and I am very grateful for that.

He indicated to me that I can give myself time to feel what the sessions have done or are doing to me. I experienced this as something beautiful, because I can still discover ‘changes’ or ‘healing’ in myself today. Thus, I experience his way of working as a great gift and actually wish this to be experienced by everyone.

Mi. (Teacher) – The Netherlands

It was only after your session that I really became aware that I was constantly communicating with my late husband in my head.
That must have been because he was so attached to me, I presume.
It was difficult to let go of that, the talking in my head, but it’s going better/well now.

I also felt lighter and happier the following days.
Especially when, in a meditation, I think of something I am grateful for, and I think of my work, and of having brought my eldest son back home, I feel so much joy, I really feel the difference between feeling and thinking, thanks to the opening of my heart chakra during the session.

I knew I love doing my job, but now I feel how happy it really makes me.
I do feel that I have to maintain this, that otherwise it will lock again …
I have now started to dive a bit more into the chakra work. I also enjoy going to yoga, I love it.
So, what I’m mainly working on is being more conscious, feeling more conscious.
And being open to all the beauty that comes my way.

Lots of love,
Ch. (Goldsmith) – The Netherlands

It has now been a month since I had a session with you.
I can say that I definitely feel progress.
My symptoms have significantly reduced, and some have even disappeared.
I feel lighter and happier than before.
In general, I can say that at home, my wife and I are whistling and singing more.

I feel I have lost a part of the anxiety, the fear that my body will let me down.

Thanks again for the session.
Em. (Graphic designer) – The Netherlands

I was going to let you know how I am doing after the session I had from you Robby.
As such, I still feel liberated… if I may say so. Less dark sides. And this is what I try to bring into my life as well.
I am so very happy with the self-love I feel every morning and evening.
It also makes me fall asleep; it makes me very calm.
And I have more trust in society.
I am already so grateful to you for more self-love and confidence.

Greetings and again thank you so much!
As. (Artist) – The Netherlands

Robby … Amazing … I no longer have continuous back pain!
I can stand on one leg for a very long time which I never could.
I am calmer and more focused, and I enjoy doing things again.

Thank you!
Pa. (Healthcare provider) – France

I use a lot of your shamanic tools at work, they are so helpful. I am very aware that with many psychiatric patients their experiences are probably different from what we think or know.

Furthermore, I try to deal with these people with as much integrity as possible, giving kindness and warmth and trying to make them feel safe that way. That’s what I can do.

I want to complete my education; I learned so much from it. But I don’t think I will really use it in the future.
My timeframe in five years’ time will probably be very different, after all the insights I`ve recieved.

Ma. (Psychiatric nurse) – The Netherlands

I have done a few sessions with Robby because I have so many discomforts during my menstrual periods.

Before, I always had to take painkillers for at least 3 days because of severe headaches and abdominal cramps.

Since Robby has been treating me, always one session on the day before my period, the abdominal cramps have disappeared, my headaches are minimal, and I have less pressure on my belly. I also feel less emotional and better balanced during this period.
So happy too that I no longer have to take painkillers!

The first session was live, then I had a few sessions online.
The results were equally beneficial. I didn’t expect that at all.

Many thanks for that!
Ma. (Social Worker) – The Netherlands

What I see after the session is a sociable girl who is more and more in touch with us.
Last year I had a depressed child with me on holiday and I don’t see that at all now.
I am hugely grateful for how things are going now and see much difference since the session last month.
It’s really quit an improvement.
You don’t want to know what you`ve meant to us, it is beyond description.
My daughter, despite her adolescence, is back to who she was, strong and bubbly.

Ma. (mother of Je.) 14 years – ADHD – The Netherlands

Things have been going really well lately.
For the first time in years, I feel a bit more ‘solid’ in this turbulent, busy world and I don’t want to lose that feeling. Still, I am convinced that the session(s) with you did something, I am a lot more confident. I also still do the exercises (5-minute affirmations in the morning and in the evening + 5 counts of breathing in and 5 counts of breathing out) consistently and they also make me feel calmer. I am super happy with that, and my goal is to maintain this feeling.

I still take the three symbols that surfaced during the Women Wellness retreat session with me daily:
My power animal the SERPENT, which makes me firmly dare to say what I want (and don’t want) WITHOUT becoming venomous.
My inner HIGH PRIESTESS who really dares to live from trust. Confidence that all wisdom is within me and that I am able to make my own decisions, regardless of what others think.
My BALLETS SHOES, which teach me to ‘play’, bring joy into my life and certainly also symbolize RELATIVITY for me.
Each of them brings me enormous strength and peace!

Ma. (business manager) – Belgium