This luminous energy field or aura contains the imprints of early life experiences, of genetically-inherited illnesses, even of memories before we were born, when we were still in the uterus and before.

The luminous energy field becomes toxic when we experience emotions that we do not resolve and heal in the moment, a trauma.
It begins to organize energies in the form of a blueprint, an imprint. It becomes encoded in our field. You might describe it as an ethereal sludge. It begins to weaken us, to debilitate us, to slow down the flow of the energy streams in our field.

The way an imprint works is that if you do not learn the lessons, if you do not heal them, you end up marrying them.

The luminous energy field organizes our reality. It will choreograph our life experience to recreate the circumstances of an original wounding to give us an opportunity to heal.

This charge not only contains energy, but it also contains information about the circumstances around the original wounding.

An original wounding can be caused by child abuse, whether verbal or physical, by a sense of being left in the world and the world suddenly stopping to be safe. Parents might leave a child to go on holiday and leave the child with grandma, but the child feels that she had been abandoned. And it’s all subjective off course. And that can begin to shape and form an imprint which will continue to bear itself true throughout that person’s life until they heal it.

Trauma often occurs in childhood. Occasionally it’s previous lives, the way we may have died in a former lifetime, which becomes imprinted and coded into our luminous field, and again continues to recreate that theme, which may not necessarily prescribe the way we might die now, but prescribes the way that we might experience loss or we might experience hurt.

Imprints are the cause of disease. Whereas medicine says that physical disease results from genetic predispositions, that you have for heart disease, for example, or a breast condition. What the shamans say is that these conditions are informed by patterns in your luminous field. And that if you heal the pattern before it has the opportunity to express itself as a heart condition, then you do not have to live it.

From the world view of the healer, the information in the luminous energy field is the cause of illness. It’s that genetic blueprint that is energetic, not molecular. In fact, it’s the luminous energy field that informs DNA that then informs the physical body. The implications here are that we can not only heal disease that we may have inherited genetically, but that we can consciously influence the expression of our genes and participate in our evolution. We can create new bodies that age differently, that heal differently, and that die differently.

The chakras are the organs of the LEF. In the same way that we have physical organs in the body, we have luminous organs in our energy field. And they are vortexes of energy that spin in a clockwise direction that are shaped like a funnel. And the wide mouth of the funnel extends two or three inches outside our body, whereas the narrow tip of the funnel extends into the body and connects directly to the spinal cord.

The chakras inform our neurophysiology directly.

When you have the information in an imprint that slumbers in your energy field, and it gets emotionally triggered by an event occurring in your life, that information will spill into one of our chakras and inform our central nervous system. It will hijack our central nervous system and recreate the circumstances of the original wounding again. It’s like a small icon in your computer, and it’s only when you double-click on it that that icon takes over your screen.

When that happens, we are no longer in the driver’s seat.  We begin to project our internal reality out into the world, onto innocent people that have simply triggered an unconscious program in us.