The focus of Yin yoga is on strengthening and softening connective tissue and joints. Because you stay in the same posture for a longer period of time (between 2 and 5 minutes), the connective tissue is stretched. This creates more mobility in your joints.
Trying to relax your muscles as much as possible and then it is a matter of letting go, so that everything in you can become a little quieter.

The number of postures during this lesson is significantly less than with the more dynamic forms of yoga. This is because you stay in the postures much longer. Looking for the best way to relax in the posture, while still experiencing it in an intensive way with the help of different props (pillows, blankets, elastic band).

During the lesson you will be guided to adjust the postures to your individual needs. During the lesson your connective tissue will be stretched, so that it becomes more flexible and your joints will become more mobile.

Yin yoga is about letting go. Letting go of your muscles, but also of the swirls in your head. Yin yoga improves the flow of energy and life force, stimulates the organs, brings balance and has a meditative and calming effect.