Craniosacral therapy originated from osteopathy.
The founder is Dr. John Upledger.

The Craniosacral system consists of the brain, the spinal cord, the dura mater and the cerebrospinal fluid that flows between the two. The whole is surrounded and protected by the bones of the skull and spine up to the bottom of your sacrum.
Within this system lies the nervous system. The rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid is created by a pumping system deep inside the brain. This Craniosacral rhythm expresses itself as an expanding and shrinking wave that can be felt everywhere on the body, comparable to the movement of the ebb and flow.
We can consider this rhythm as the breathing of the nervous system. This system regulates the functioning of everything that happens in the body.

Every nerve, every organ, every blood vessel is covered with connective tissue that is a binding factor in our body. It protects, supports and keeps all parts together and separated from each other.

During treatment, movement disorders of connective tissue and imbalance within the body can be detected. We are working on optimizing the elasticity and space within the skull bones and the other parts of the Craniosacral system.