You can use my services when you experience that your home does not feel like a safe place or if you suspect it contains negative and/or blocked energies.

Your home may not feel comfortable. For example, you feel uncomfortable when you step into a certain room, or you feel an invisible presence. It could be that ‘strange things’ are occurring in your home that you cannot explain or maybe you experience difficulties in selling your property.

There can be various causes, such as negative thought forms that have accumulated over the years, negative experiences and emotions from previous owners, the presence of earthbound spirits, as well as negative power objects. Think about masks and objects that were used for ritual purposes in Africa and now ‘adorn’ your living room.

And that is why a house healing can be a solution.

My house healings have ensured that:

  • more harmony was brought into the living environment and sometimes even resolved issues with neighbours, tenants, housemates and family members.
  • people feel better emotionally and psychologically after a house healing.
  • individuals suddenly sold their property that had been for sale for years quickly, often within a few days to a few weeks.
  • companies have become more successful after my intervention


The cost for a house healing is €150 per property.

How do I proceed?

I use methods from indigenous cultures that I have studied during my various training courses and that produce instant results.

All my work is done remotely.
From my office, I can energetically clear homes anywhere in the world.

Working remotely has many advantages for my clients.
There are no travel time and travel costs and I can respond quickly to their needs wherever they reside in the world.

I ask my clients to provide me with a detailed drawing of their house, including the placement of beds, cupboards, sofas, objects, paintings, etc.
I can also use online satellite photos of the building.