Ever since she was a child, Marleen has always wanted to contribute something to the world. With this in mind, she successfully completed her higher degree study ‘Social Pedagogical Work’, specializing in psychiatry. After several years of work experience in youth psychiatry, she has developed more towards alternative medicine.

Because of her interest in other cultures, lifestyles and customs, she has seen much of the world. Through wandering in Asia, she finally landed in the African bush, where she lived for 4 years among the wild animals in the Serengeti as manager of Ndutu safari Lodge.
These experiences have enriched her life and further fuelled her passion for travel and spirituality. Through Reiki, Chinese medicine and various yoga courses in India, she started to specialize in Cranio Sacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute in Belgium.

From her hometown in Burgundy, France, she runs Kimaro Farmhouse together with her husband Robby. They own a domain with luxury safari tents and 2 attractive holiday cottages. There Marleen teaches different types of yoga classes, offers Cranio Sacral Therapy treatments and PSYCH-K® sessions to adults and children.
She also organizes and guides spiritual journeys in collaboration with Angeli Travel, a Dutch touroperator.

In the spring and autumn, Marleen & Robby organize retreats, where themes such as consciousness, detox, awareness and healing are discussed.

Robby (1966) was born in Antwerp.
He graduated in Marketing, Photography and Nature Education.
He worked a large part of his career as Office Manager for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Brussels before deciding to devote his life to photography in 2002.

Ever since he was a child, Robby has been looking for depth in his life, and he felt at a very young age that there is a ‘hidden’ truth, which we cannot perceive with our normal senses and which cannot be explained academically.

After experiencing a ‘mystical experience’ he has responded to the feeling that he had all his life and he has started his spiritual development.
A fascinating journey that brought him to the shamanic path.

Robby is a certified shaman and was trained by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Prof. Don Juan Núñez del Prado (known from the book ‘The return of the inca’). He also followed several masterclasses, from American shamans who had experiences with the healing practices from the Andes and from the Navajo Indians.

His shamanic journey gave him the knowledge, which enabled him to make all his dreams come true. From the shamans from the Andes he learned techniques to reach the creative power by raising our level of consciousness.

And that is a way of life that Robby likes to share during his sessions and workshops. To give people the opportunity to free themselves from the limitations of history written by their culture and their genes. To free oneself from the limiting world around them where one does not always have control over what is going on. Freeing oneself so that everyone becomes the author of their own story, the story of how one will live one’s life, how one will react to the world around them and how one will die.