The body is seen as a unit in Craniosacral therapy. All structures in the body are directly or indirectly connected by the connective tissue. This connective tissue (fascia) can be seen as a kind of sheet in which the skull, spinal cord, all organs, bones, muscles, joints, blood vessels and nerves are folded. Restrictions in the connective tissue can cause health problems in many places in the body.

The cause of the health problems can often be found in increased tension at one or more places in the body. This can manifest itself, for example, in a stiff neck, a tennis elbow or pain in the lower back. These movement problems can also affect important bodily functions. This can lead to intestinal problems, migraine or fatigue.

The aim of the treatments is to obtain more relaxation in the connective tissue of the body, so that more space can be created in the body. In this way, the function of the structures can improve, and pain complaints can be reduced or disappear. It also gives the ‘self-healing capacity’ of the body the chance to do its work.

Attention is paid not only to health symptoms , but also to the possible causes of them. These causes can be of a purely physical nature, but also of a psychological nature or a combination of these.

The body has the ability to repair itself. This natural process of self-healing can be disturbed by an accident or operation, in case of illness, stress and emotional events such as loss, sadness, fear and anger.

Health issues in which the therapy has proven its worth are among others:
Headaches, neck and shoulder problems, chronic fatigue, burn-out, back problems, sleeping problems and stress.

Treatment can also be recommended to promote inner peace, improvement of quality of life and general wellbeing and relaxation.