Shamanism’s an ancient spiritual and healing practice found throughout the Americas and throughout all traditional cultures in the world – in India, in Tibet, in Russia, in Central Europe, and practiced most actively today in the Americas.

The shaman is the individual who mediates between the visible and the invisible worlds and works between the world of energy and between the world of matter. He is the one who is able to steer an individual into a purposeful and healed and meaningful life.

Western medicine is in the business of curing. The shaman is in the business of healing. Curing is the eliminating of symptoms. And we all know people that have received cures but have not received healings. When that happens, the symptoms generally return. When you experience healing, this is a transforming experience. It reflects in every aspect of your life – in your relationships, in your diet, in your job, in your marriage, and how you relate to your children, and in how you experience illness and wellness. Healing will prevent the symptoms from recurring because you are transforming the causes that made you ill.

What appeals to Robby about these traditional healing practices is the control these shamans showed in transforming what we in the West call “incurable conditions,” in helping people heal deep emotional wounds that would require a decade of psychotherapy in our culture, and that they accomplish over a period of weeks. These were methods that were not based on a technological solution or on ruminating psychological problems, but on a deep energetic intervention that brings about transformation in the body, mind and soul.

The shamans understood that we had a luminous energy field that surrounds the physical body and that informs the physical body. And that you had to intervene to heal the body at the level of the luminous energy field, at the level of the blueprint. That if you only intervened at the body, through surgery or medication, without clearing the blueprint, that whatever condition you were suffering from would re-express itself.