Craniosacral therapy sessions are also very beneficial for children.
It doesn’t take much to get a child’s life energy flowing again.

Do you feel that your child has a lot of tension in his or her body, is not comfortable in his or her skin, is easily angry, restless or withdrawn?
Craniosacral therapy can bring relief for poor sleep, anxiety, unexplained abdominal pain, headaches, sadness, concentration problems, fear of failure and insecurities.

I offer cranial sessions for children from 3 years old. There is always a parent present during the session. I work with gentle touch combined with conversations with the child.

Do you recognise discomfort in your child? Let them experience a treatment with cranial sacral therapy. It reconnects them to their own body, reduces and prevents stress. This often also allows you as a parent to better understand and guide your child.

Cranial sacral therapy increases inner peace and relaxation and mobility, improves stress regulation and lets your child shine again.

Sessions of about an hour are given by Marleen and can be made by appointment.

I work with an intake form, which parents fill in in advance and submit to me. This gives me brief background information about the pregnancy, delivery, postpartum period, peculiarities/developments during the first years of life. This allows me to pay full attention to the child during the session.

The cost of a session is € 75.