Dearest Marleen and Robby,
Well, I don’t know where to start, my heart told me to do this and it was my best decision ever. From the first moment I felt safe right away, partly because of the fantastic group, and your warm energy. Everything was new to me and I learnt more on this one week than in six months with a psychologist. I learnt, thanks to you and the others, that femininity needs to be embraced and I could feel my heart again. I feel so much lighter, loving myself, making me twinkle and shine again. As of now, I am hopping through life again. Really! Thank you so much! Big hug

Dear Marleen and Robby,
From the moment of arrival, I could immediately feel the connection with myself. What a warm welcome and thank you for all the explanations you gave us. The lessons and workshops were very inspiring. I came here for myself, but I’m sure my dearest family and friends around me will also benefit from this. The sessions were fantastic and insightful. My outlook has expanded. I`m full of gratitude that it can never be captured in words, so I hope you felt it when I gave you a hug. Thank you and the whole group. As my dream revealed on the last day; All the coins you put into the Luna Park are of value. Sometimes they are people, workshops or a meditation that comes on your path. And all those little ones create shifts. I inserted 1 coin and my whole tray was filled with gifts. Greetings,

Dear Marleen and Robby,
I feel so much gratitude for finding this magical place. A place that brings you back to nature and that is filled with your pure energy. A combination of beautiful elements that makes my inner person all warm and happy.
Thank you for giving me a place to come home to here in France, Peru and Africa. I feel like a child of the world again, carried by our beautiful earth.
Thank you for giving me a place to come home, inside myself.
Thanks to you, I can reconnect between body and mind, thoughts and feeling.
The connection I longed for so deeply and tried to grasp in the outside world.
To be able to sustain genuine and authentic relationships, I understand now that I can reach out from my own feminine power center; thanks to the tools you have provided.
You are such a beautiful example of what a relationship can be like, with each one having their own uniqueness and in combination an incredible power, palpable to all who cross your path. Thank you for the inspiration I can draw from.
Very happy to see you again!!!

An unexpected last-minute gift to myself. And how fantastic it was!
A real treat for my body and mind!
Super guidance during the yoga and shamanic sessions, even for someone unfamiliar with these concepts!
Dear Marleen and Robby, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

How nice it was to be here again! Immediately when I arrived, peace came over me. This is where I come home. How much I needed this retreat …. and the timing was perfect. The healing effect cannot be described. After you helped me let go of everything last year, I was ready for a new start this year. And for that, as if the cosmos knew it, you have completely prepared me. There I am, ready to be myself again and to shine. I feel moved and full of love but above all filled with such gratitude for you, myself and the universe that you, Shamoga and Kimaro Farmhouse crossed my path. Thank you! Also a big thanks to the amazing atmosphere in the group! -x-

Dear Marleen and Robby,
There it was; the women wellness edition 2.0
And how great it was to be back here again! Once again I enjoyed, learned, laughed and cried and I cleared out what I no longer need.

Thank you for your gifts and thank you for sharing.
With a very different mindset than last year and again just as valuable.
I again enjoyed your teachings and being amongst such wonderful women` 🙂 .
Until edition 3.0!
Big hugs, lot`s of love,

Dear, beautiful, precious Marleen and Robby,
I enjoyed this week, this place and you two. Grateful for the union between my heart and my head.
To experience and witness my childhood trauma was very special and healing. My mission to share, to connect with unconditional love has found a big space in my body. Thank you and I`m sure our paths will cross again. With love,

Marleen & Robby,
Thank you for your warm welcome! Your peaceful oasis has done me soooo well!
Thanks for passing on your gifts and values in only a few day’s time. Ollie her food was perfect.
I am leaving with a very special feeling about this adventure, but everything comes to an end and this time with fantastic memories.
Thanks to both of you for your personal involvement, your care and sincerity. You are doing this FANTASTIC as a couple!
Never give up on this!!! Is right up your alley, this is your path and hope to walk it together again later. Great job! Thanks!

Dear Marleen and Robby,
How grateful I am that I was able to learn and feel so much during this retreat. I go home with peace in my heart and so many things added in my `backpack`! What special, beautiful people you are. I will definitely come back for the Women’s Wellness Week 2.0
Love and a big hug,

Dear, dear Robby and Marleen,
What a wonderful incredible and beautiful week I experienced here at the Women’s Wellness retreat. I will never forget my 50th birthday. Surrounded by all ‘soulmates’. How magical to sit on my yoga mat at 7 o’clock and follow all those wonderful workshops with both of you. What 2 extraordinary, beautiful people you are and a wonderful couple!!! I go home reborn. Despite my difficult period, I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for the laughs and a tear. My 50th year in life is already a big success. I love you both. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Dear Robby and Marleen,
Peace and quiet!!! I’ve managed that damn well and I’m really happy about that. Following my feelings works better and better and better. This beautiful heart connecting, calming, powerful and loving women’s week has helped me a lot more in this. You probably know what this means to me, but now that I am writing this down, my dear ones, I realize it cannot be written down. You, beautiful people, put me in my power in such a loving way. I was already crazy about you two, but add 1000 scoops more. Two pure, beautiful, lovely, funny and passionate people, that`s how I see you.
Thank you, a 1000 times! Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes, the meditations, the private sessions, the workshops, but most of all thank you for who you are. And don’t forget….. thanks for filling me with love and being able to following my feelings more and more.
See you very soon …. 2.0….. I’ll be back!
Big kiss,

Dear Robby and Marleen,
How happy and grateful I am that you crossed my path! It has been a wonderful week for me with lots of lessons and insights. I enjoyed your kind care, attention, friendliness and of course this fantastic place. Thank you for the beautiful program that was packed with things that are super healthy for me!
I can take all of it with me into my life in the Netherlands and I hope to experience a lot more with you in the future.
Kind regards,

Dear Marleen and Robby,
Thank you for your warmth, your loving attention and your warm hospitality. Words fail to describe this experience, but I feel in every fibre of my body that I will continue to walk my path lighter and freer. Nothing exists that does not touch something… I pass on some of your sparks into the world. I wish you all the beauty and goodness, and will always remember this place full of gratitude and with a smile on my face. Lots of love and a big hug,
PS: And I did a headstand, I never thought I would, how crazy is that!

Dear Marleen and Robby,
Grateful, liberated, and reborn.
So much has happened to me over the past few days that I now feel it is time to continue on my path. I now know where to start to move forward on my path. Thank you so much for this nourishment, care, healing, and inspiration. I have peeled off quite a few layers and re-discovered my essence. No longer hidden, but radiant.
I wish you all well on your journey through life.
You are beautiful people and complement each other wonderfully.

Dear Marleen and Robby,
What a wondrous week again. Thank you for your guidance on my path. It was a winding path with beautiful insights, pools of tears, tree roots to trip over, but many branches to grab onto. The connection between body and head through my heart, which I now feel, gives me good encouragement to move on in this world. I loved it at Kimaro, your little paradise. I came here with a peacock feather as a sign of pride in how I have grown over the past few years, but now I can also feel it in my heart! Bye for now,

The best teachers are the ones who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.
Thank you dear Marleen and Robby, I have seen a lot 🙂

Marleen, Thank you so much for your enthusiasm; wisdom, flexibility and love.
Robby, Thank you for your insights!
I enjoyed it immensely!

What an amazing week. Very special to be so spoiled with green tea and all the delicious vegetarian dishes.
Lovely to be here and to be accepted.
What knowledge and wisdom you have!
How wonderful that you want to share this with us.
What a wonderful group we have here.
We laughed and cried together.
How special to share this together.
The fountain of love has been spouting here in abundance.

I have felt safe here
I have been able to care for myself
I have been healthy here
I have been happy here

I get to take all this back home to enjoy for a long time to come.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart

Seeds have been planted
They are hidden deep underground
they will sprout

Water is needed
love from my heart
little roots grows

Profound greetings,

Dear Marleen and Robby,
The feeling I have cannot really be described. I am so grateful to myself for deciding to come here, and I am so grateful to you for who you are and what you do. On to the next layer to peel off 🙂 .
A very big heart hug

Dear Marleen and Robby,
Thank you so much for another special, wonderful, instructive, and inspiring week.
Lovely to be immersed in your wisdom, experience, and enthusiasm again!
Grateful that you want to share this and this wonderful place with us.
The food, drinks and conviviality were wonderful again.
I again felt a lot, received many tools and insights to work with.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Warm greetings from a sun child,

What a magical, intense week it was here in the most beautiful place in France.
I found here for the first time the strength to let go of things that have not needed to be with me for a long time. You are such a beautiful, pure people!
An old piece of me remains here and a new piece goes to Belgium. Thank you! You have made me more ‘me’.

Dear Marleen and Robby,
You undoubtedly hear it here so often, but what an experience we have had here! The gratitude I feel for you two is so intense. Not only from myself, but also from ‘the world’, so to speak. Your soul mission here is so beautiful (and courageous). You are making the world a tremendously brighter place because of it. Much love and see you in July,

The positive vibes were palpable from the first moment and got stronger and stronger…. Delightful….
We were allowed to feel…. experience….. undergo, with ups and downs.
Marleen and Robby, 2 beautiful souls on an incredible domain full of passion. It does something to a person. I will take this with me for life.
Warm, intense heart-to-heart hugs. xxx

Robby’s workshops and treatment are a wonderful addition to everything in this week, but certainly also to my personal and spiritual growth path. I am curious to see what it will all bring me in the coming time.
And you, dear Marleen, thank you for letting me learn so much from you. I will continue to discover it and pass it on again to anyone who can use and needs it.
The best learnings are the ones that show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. Thank you, dear Marleen and Robby, I have seen a lot!
Grateful for a special week! Bye dear ones! xxxx

Dear Marleen and Robby,
What a special week I experienced here with a wonderful group of women.
Immediately I felt the peace of the place with lots of greenery, water, animals ….amazing. I enjoyed time alone in the tent, in the beautiful bath on lion feet, in the four-poster bed, and walking through the beautiful autumn colors.
I came here to get more in touch with my intuitive side and to give more direction to the next step in my career. I got so much more! I felt the sisterhood of women among each other. I let go of things that no longer serve me. What a warm and open atmosphere you have created in which this can happen.
Even when I had doubts and vulnerable wounds were touched, I felt safe to discuss this. I feel I am going to give you both another big hug before leaving. And I will definitely come back here again! Love,

Thank you for the beautiful week! Once again, I enjoyed you guys, the surroundings, the delicious food. The journey for myself was very special; getting to meet my past life, power animal and forest nymph. I feel Zen and am grateful for the support they give me. In love. From the heart. The beautiful flowers are symbolic of this week; diverse, colorful, powerful, wondrous, and special. Our paths cross. See you then!

Dear Marleen and Robby,
This week came at a perfect time for me in retrospect. I wanted to find peace in myself again and regain my power, and I certainly succeeded in doing so. I was able to learn new things and have new experiences. I was allowed to cry and laugh. I am also grateful to the group of women we spent this week with for the strength, openness, and companionship they brought. Tomorrow I will go home again, but as a 2.0 version of myself. Thanks to you I now have the tools to help me further on my path of transformation. Thank you for this beautiful week and a big hug to you!

Dear Robby and Marleen,
Huge thanks for this very special week. I felt connected to you and this place in advance. That feeling has grown. All the information, the personal contact moments and the whole process felt like a great enrichment. I completely relaxed and return home with a lot of energy. It was just right in every way, exactly what I needed. I wish you all the best and have taken you into my heart. I certainly hope to come back here again. Kind regards,

Dear Robby and Marleen,
What a fantastic week I had the pleasure of experiencing here. Yoga at 7 a.m. was a bit of a challenge, but actually quite manageable. It was intense, but so beautiful to just work on myself. Just letting go of all those roles is so nice. The group of women we were with this week are all great, and so are you! What excellent care we received. I take a lot home with me and with these new insights, I don’t know if I can still do my job/ That is a shock for me, because the job is one, I am good at. But one that does take a lot of energy. So, I’m going to look for something that gives me energy (….to be continued) I am looking forward to the 2.0 🙂 Marleen and Robby, you are the best. Thank you very, very, very much. Lots of love,

Dear Marleen and Robby,
What a week of PEACE again, full of energy, feelings, delights, and looking back at many life changing transformations.
Thank you for me being able to BE and become more focused.
Steps we all take every day but now I can make more intentional conscious steps that will take me forward.

Dear Marleen and Robby,
Thank you for your purity and love this week.
My family doctor smilingly said `Go get your chakras in order again. `
But how happy I am that I feel them, that they are open and that I feel energy flowing through my body again. I feel so much openness towards the world, whatever world that may be.
When people ask me `How is it? ` I no longer have to give my standard answer `Well, okay` but can say; Free, I feel free!
Thank you for making me a 2.0 version who is feels opened and smiling with both feet planted firmly in the earth with a straight back (thanks to the yoga) and shining eyes.
So much weight falls off my shoulders.
I no longer must live up to the expectations of others, that insight is so wonderful.
I remember:
Letting go – Visualising – Cleaning up

5 days of women wellness week. My husband sometimes calls it `my yoga week`, my daughters `a punishment camp` (because of not eating sugar) But all 3 of them notice that after a week with you I come back as a reborn version of myself or as my eldest daughter says: `A little more hippie`.
You made the most special place on earth, the place where I feel happiest of all.
Things that no longer fit me, I have left behind. Many new insights are packed in my backpack. You yourselves are only half aware how beautiful the loving work you do here is. And for that I am incredibly grateful!

Dearest Marleen and Robby,
I have the privilege of writing in your book during our Kimaro family holiday. The women’s wellness retreat is now several weeks behind me and this distance also makes it a bit easier to find the right words, which I want to transmit to you. As I look out over the pond on your beautiful estate, one of the children splashed a pebble into the water and THAT moment best describes what the women wellness retreat did to me. A huge splash effect that made ripples, which then extended all the way to the end of the pond. I will carry that ripple effect with me for a lifetime and cherish it.
The insights, tools and the awakened strength in myself are the gifts I received from you that I will carry with me forever. Thank you for that! They make me a more beautiful person.
Lots of love,

Marleen and Robby,
Thank you for your hospitality, openness, and this introduction to spirituality.
I have come to new insights that will help me further on my journey.
Stillness, feeling and listening to my inner voice are key words for me.
Grateful – love – letting go
Much love,

Letting go!
Big hug,

What a special week it was again!
Robby’s workshops and the treatments are a wonderful addition to everything in this week, but certainly also to my personal and spiritual growth path. I look forward to seeing what it all brings me in the time to come.

Marleen and Robby,
You are a lovely team in a special spot of nature in beautiful Burgundy. Although the heavens were wide open this week, I was able to nestle warm enough in the beautiful tent thanks to the heater and the warm, blissful bath. I really enjoyed the well-filled wellness week and surrendering to your lessons and sessions. A wonderful experience. I return home with renewed energy and with a lot of homework that I will work on with motivation and confidence. I wish you all the best and hope to stay in touch with you in one way or another.
Big thanks! Namasté!

Thank you Marleen,
For your great workshops, blissful yoga classes and teaching us 101 feminine things, for your hospitality and your beautiful tents, for your laughter and your tears, your all-embracing hugs and your non-stop encouraging and empowering words.
You made me discover my soul, you`ve let me go on a quest.

You let me awaken and wake up to who I am and want to be.
A listening ear
A warm smile
A loving heart
An amazing woman
…. Just a few of your qualities

A wellness week is something you do together, not on your own.
You learn from each other; you listen to each other.
Blissfully relaxing togetherness, letting go of fears, of demons, and so much more.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
See you back next year!

Dearest Marleen and Robby,
A week full of wonders! Thank you for that. Thank you for allowing me to experience all this with you in your beautiful place in this world! Thank you for the opportunity to meet you, the lovely women I was allowed to spend this week with and above all: for the encounter with myself, my new self! Definitely see you soon! Lots of love,

Dear Robby and Marleen,
How warming it feels to be able to write this. So glad I was able to experience this. Thank you for your heartwarming welcome, your loving souls, your gentle hands.
Thank you that I could be myself again, that you were there to catch me and send me on my way again with strength, love, radiant energy and new ideas. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives.

This week I was able to find the strength in me, and being able to keep calm. Fantastic what I was allowed to experience here, and what I can leave behind here. A heavy burden has been lifted from. I`ll go home with a backpack filled with insights. This yearns for more!
Thank you for who you are and what you do. Love,

I feel like reborn after your shaman session. You took off my heavy weight on my shoulders yesterday. My mind is fresh and new again. What a super focus I have again. What a reset! I was completely blown away yesterday.
Now I feel so much gratitude and eternal love and energy from the universe.
I don’t wake up crying, but calm and content.
The entity (s) have disappeared. I experience so much difference in me.
Everything has come along during our journey and that was a lot, a lot. From childhood, the failed stressful unhappy marriage of my parents, the many financial debts of my father’s business, the hereditary illness of me, my mother and my grandmother (thyroid gland), but certainly also the 2 fathers of the 3 children where we had to endure several minor, major traumas, money distress and housing distress and finally my heartbreak.
Thank goodness I have stumbled upon you two!
Dear warm greetings,

Dear Marleen and Robby,
You are special! You are full of light and love. Your attention and care and love brought me peace and stillness. Thank you for a beautiful experience.
Marleen, I will remember your voice when I meditate in my (new) morning ritual.
Stay yourself and may you receive love as you give to others.

Big sweethearts Marleen and Robby,
Sometimes your heart has known for a long time what needs to be done, but your head still has to get used to it a bit. You …. the women …. this week give me that strength to live more from my heart every day. I want to tell you that I feel more and more the beautiful version of myself and I am incredibly grateful for that. And I will remain so for the rest of my life. How you give these women wellness weeks full of passion, full of purity and full of love …. Wauwwwww! This makes me emotional and very grateful. Thank you for the amazing 2.0.
I thought it was beautifully complementary to the 1.0 !!! Thank you for the delicious food, the laughs, the hugs, the amazing yoga classes, meditations, workshops and wonderful tools !!! You are in my heart and will cherish you all my life. Marleen, thanks for the wonderful cranial sacrum therapy session! Robby, thanks for the special shamanic session! And …. that I can be myself here. Crazy about you guys! Hugs – x-

Dear Marleen and Robby,
How honored and grateful I feel to have discovered you and this retreat. It just crossed my path. How it rose above my expectations in a way I could not have imagined. I feel peace and relaxation in a way I haven’t had in a long time. I feel nourished with good and pure food, but also with so many tools and new insights. I feel like I peeled a layer off in complete safety and in a way that I think I could only experience here. I am looking forward to the next episode in my life and what is yet to come. You are very beautiful people and thank you for sharing this piece of beautiful nature, this wonderful place and inspiring way of life and healing process with us. Much love and lots of success with your work. I will definitely come back. Love,

I look back on the retreat with a lot of warmth….
This retreat was simply “wauw”.
In this 5-day, you learn more than a hundred private sessions with a psycho therapist.
The strength and connection of this group lifted me up. The overall concept is blissful.
Healthy food, individual sessions, group workshops, walking in nature, bathing time….
The heartwarming welcome from Marleen and Robby is also so gratifying.
They spoil us with delicious food. Caring for us…what a joy this was !

Dear Marleen and Robby,
How grateful I am that I was able to be here with you. Grateful for all the beautiful moments, the wonderful and special treatments, the delicious food, the great yoga classes and the workshops.
Laughing together with a group of wonderful women, also crying, but above all growing and enjoying.
I literally came home.
From my head to my heart.
Many thanks for this.
Big hug,

I’ve been looking forward to this week so desperately!
And how blissful was it? Surpassing everything!
Lots of love and knowledge, sharing, it was really amazing.

I enjoyed…..
Every yoga class
Every treatment
Every chat
Every delicious meal
The lovely relaxing tent
… and so much more

Visiting Kimaro (the 7th time) was, as always, like coming home. The moment I stepped out of the car, a peace came over me that I had been so searching for.
That this alone was not enough to find myself again I already knew, but I could not do it alone.
Thank you dear darlings for removing those stones and `wrangling` rope and restoring the connection between head and body.
I have realised with all your tips, yoga, etc, etc, that I can be grateful for who I am and who I have around me.
I will definitely take the insights home with me to stop making myself a rescuer, victim or perpetrator!
Big, big hug

Just the perfect match, in all it`s ways!

Grateful that this retreat has come along my path.
Grateful for Marleen and Robby, for the impressive workshops and treatments.
Grateful to be standing in my femininity, in my power, in self-love.
Grateful that I was surrounded by lots of love, the beautiful nature, the beautiful people.
Thanks, thanks, infinite thanks!

Dear Marleen and Robby,
After a fantastic holiday in this beautiful place last year, now a gift to myself: a week-long retreat.
Thank you for the safety, the insights and the beautiful moments. It was wonderful and amazing. I feel grateful and looking forward to the Women’s Wellness Week 2.0
🙂 Love,

Pure …. Authentic …. Powerful …. Free!

With a source of;
Inner peace

Being in an inspirational environment and just being allowed to BE and shine….

The estate, the views, the original setting and furnishings… delightful

The experiences;
The two of you

Blessed to be able to taste it all
This feeling
is to cherish life…

A passion that surely cannot be underestimated…. ❤️
Looking forward to meeting you again…🧘‍♀️
Warm regards,

Dear, dear, dear Marleen and Robby,
That your place is magical, I already knew. This week brought more magic than I could have imagined.
Assuming I would get yoga & meditation lessons and an individual cranial sacral therapy session. That was about it. That I would end up in a group with amazing loving women was the last thing I expected. I am grateful for the insights, the tools and the safety. I was already on the journey, but that journey has become much more meaningful and directional.
Thanks and I look forward to the next women’s wellness week 2.0
Thick, thick, thick kisses and hugs,

Dear Marleen and Robby,
Thank you so much for allowing me to stay in this wonderfully beautiful place. I was able to be completely myself here in all the peace and safety you offered.
The yoga classes were taught so pleasantly and with humour. It was so nice to get in touch with my body in this comfortable atmosphere. And what delicious food and a relaxing environment to detox in. The individual sessions are definitely going to help me further in being who I want to be.
Kind regards,

Dear Marleen and Robby,
What a special week I had with you. Thoroughly enjoyed, felt, laughed, cried. Wonderful exercises to get closer and closer to my core. I felt a lot of love from you and in the group. This gift was perfectly timed. Valuable to receive and wonderful that you provide this. Thank you! Hope to see you soon! Love,

Dear Marleen and Robby,
A week never to forget. Feeling, transforming, accepting. I came searching, but I`m leaving as a united being. I feel myself again, I am aware of myself from head to toe and around it 🙂 Thank you for the guidance, insights, and loving hospitality. I start as a renewed person, with my experiences, but in a calm, relaxed, and open way. This wellness week has enriched my life. A thousand thanks! Love,

Dear Robby and Marleen,
What 2 wonderful people you are. I am incredibly grateful that this retreat crossed my path. I am looking forward to putting all the tools we were given into my daily life and can already feel that this will make life so much lighter and nicer. Thank you for being who you are. x

Robby and Marleen,
The words `thank you` is too small to express how grateful I am to be here. Even though upon registration it really felt like the place I needed to be. A healing, inspiring experience. An experience in which I could feel everything and where, after a long time, I could finally reach my sadness and literally let it flow out. The tools you gave me to access myself, to stay with myself, to let go and to honour myself as a woman and all the beautiful qualities that go with that, I will take with me with love. Thank you for the love you have given!
Until next time!

Joy, unity and freedom is what I experienced with you and at your venue in April. In a beautiful place where my friend took me I enjoyed your knowledge, hospitality and energy. Thanks Marleen and Robby! See you next year. Am already looking forward to it. Love,

Dear Marleen and Robby,
Thank you again for this wonderful and valuable week. Another week for myself again, is really a gift.
2.0 was more light-hearted, a lot of laughter and also completely recharged. What a nice group we had!
I started the week tired and exhausted and have regained energy and new tools to guard my own energy.

Grateful for all the moments and your warmth.
Looking forward to a 3.0…..
Love, K