There are so many things that bind us to the past, hold us back and stop us.

So many things that prevent us from being truly happy. We have the perfect home and the perfect job, but we’re so stuck in a rat race that we just forget what it means to ‘really live’. Enjoying those things that really matter in our lives. Daring to dream again and trying to make time for things that are ‘really’ important to us. Our busy job, the stress at work, the performance expectations have worn us down and are driving us in the direction of a burnout. And although we realize this, it is so difficult to break this circle. The expectation of the family, the voice deep inside yourself that feels uncomfortable for change, the fear of making the wrong choices. We can come up with dozens of reasons for keeping things as they are.

To assist you in this process of change, Robby uses various techniques that will help you improve your physical, mental and emotional health and pave the way for a new direction in your life.


This is the core healing process. The illumination process erases imprints from the luminous energy field, clears the chakras, metabolizes toxic energies in the chakras so that we can vibrate again in our original frequencies, in our original nature.

Extractions and cleaning

In the West, we assume that all of the energies that we experience belong to us. In traditional societies, the healer understands that there are energies that do not belong to you, that these are intrusive energies, and, in some cases, intrusive entities that do not belong to you.

There are two kinds of intrusive energies.

The first one is thought forms directed at you – someone that feels that you’ve hurt them, that you’ve betrayed them. That when you feel that you’ve been stabbed in the back by someone. Now, these are generally individuals that we were once close to – that young man or that young woman that feels that you left them and destroyed their lives because you were the love of their life. The resentment and the anger that they feel can penetrate our luminous defences because we do not recognize them as foreign. These are people that we were once very open to, that we let in very deeply. And these energies can actually embed themselves in the physical body and become crystallized and hardened.

The second is a spirit that has become attached to someone and that begins to inform them. The person begins to assume the behaviors, the postures, the addictions, the cravings of the deceased person.

Now, curiously, we’re finding this also happening with organ transplants.

Someone who’s received a kidney or a heart-lung transplant who’s never had any craving for alcohol suddenly begins to crave alcohol, or to crave meat, or to crave smoking.

But what happens with an intrusive entity is that most of the time it’s a relative who died unconsciously and who is gravitating to a loved one to seek help and assistance. What happens when an individual dies unconsciously is that they’re trapped between the worlds. They’re caught in a nightmare that they can’t wake up from. And they will gravitate to a loved one – not necessarily the most loved one, but the most psychically open one, the most spiritually open person, and they’ll take up residence with them. There is no amount of psychotherapy, there is no amount of medicine that is going to help when you have an intrusive energy or spirit causing disease.

The extractions that the shaman performs are tremendously effective. The shaman will not only take away the spirit but will also assist him in his crossing.

Soul retrieval

The soul retrieval process, in which the healer journeys on behalf of a client to help them recover a soul part that was lost as a result of trauma or pain, the soul retrieval can accomplish in a couple of sessions what can take years to do in psychotherapy.

Whereas in psychotherapy attention is paid to why the soul part has been lost, in soul retrieval the soul part is retrieved so that the client is healed.

The starting point here is that every wound we have had in our lives – every time we have experienced suffering or pain – is a repetition of the original wound. And by retrieving a lost soul part, this wound will not repeat itself.


When the body is in ‘fight or flight mode’, we can use enormous amounts of energy to stay alert and keep ourselves safe. Robby disconnects this mechanism and the body learns to relax. This is especially useful in case of stress, burn-out and hyperactivity.

A session with Robby

When I work one-to-one with clients, I can operate on location or remotely.
Because energy knows no boundaries. We learned that from Einstein years ago.
He told us it is not a philosophy; it is the truth.

Energy flows everywhere so, as a shaman, I have learned how to ‘log on’ to the client’s energy field ‘with her/his permission’ and therefore sessions can be done online via WhatsApp just as efficiently as on location.

The duration of a session is an hour, up to an hour and a half.

The cost is € 75.