First a diagnosis of the cranio sacral rhythm is made, while the treated person is lying on his back on a treatment table. This rhythm can be felt everywhere on the body and indicates where any blockages are located.
The mobility of the skull bones and the degree of tension in the craniosacral system in the rest of the body is examined and any health issues are discussed.

With soft touches and subtle movements, the self-healing capacity of the body is stimulated. This is sometimes accompanied by a physical or emotional discharge, which then results in relaxation. The connective tissue gets its space and mobility again, giving the body the opportunity to recover.

Communication during the treatment is important. This increases the body’s awareness and helps to identify the cause of any health complaint.

Through soft, targeted touch, contact is made with parts of the craniosacral system (head, back or sacrum) or in other places on the body (abdomen, arms or legs). The treatment will result in a relaxation of these tissues and can reduce or eliminate pain. The treatment can also have a positive effect on the emotional state.

Often you will experience an immediate improvement after the treatment.
The sessions of about an hour are given by Marleen and are made on appointment.

Treatment cost € 75

Some practical tips:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Drink a lot of water after the treatment
  • Preferably do not undertake heavy physical activities after treatment. The body needs time to re-settle, to find a new balance